Coming out this November is a much anticipated movie entitled, The Wolf of Wall Street featuring the great Leo Dicaprio. The movie is centered around the real-life tale of Jordan Belfort, the self-proclaimed “wolf” on wall street for his rogue trading schemes. At his highs Belfort was pulling in $US 50 million a year and living life to the extreme: flying a chopper in to work and partying as hard as one could imagine. His ability to make money was linked to his success in sales; his gift for persuasion was unmatched.

In an interview with a South African television show (video below), Belfort describes his entrance onto Wall Street in the eighties as one characterized by Gordan Gekko’s infamous line, “greed is good.” (Find more Gekko quotes here.) Despite the debauchery this movie glamorizes, though it does also depict his hard fall back to reality, the movie looks incredibly fascinating. Watch the trailer below:

We were curious about this wolf, the one who after spending two years in jail – with Tommy Chong, by the way – decided it was time to share his story with the world. Certainly he ignored ethics to the full degree and hurt people along his journey, but we can’t help but be fascinated by the tenacity that drove such greed, (this piece, published in 2007 by CNBC describes his brokerage and the pump and dump schemes he employed). Watch the above mentioned interview where he describes what he sees as issues with the markets in their then state (the video was published in 2010), and how he gets his highs post-trading: motivational speaking.

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